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Cancer Query provides an insight into the effects on public health of increased ionizing radiation in the environment .

Cancer Query calculator Beta I offers an estimate of increased chances of developing cancer according to your age and gender and world/year average ionizing radiation exposure

Cancer Query calculator Beta II offers an estimate of increased chances of developing cancer according to your age and gender, world/year average ionizing radiation exposure, average of medical radiation exposure of united states citizens, + 33% average increase of other risk exposure factors ( Genetic history, UV radiation and Carcinogenic chemicals exposure).

We need support to develop Cancer Query calculator Beta III that will analyze personalized geographical real-time ionizing radiation exposure data, and will be the most advanced cancer calculator model.




Cancer Query is the result of more than 5 years of research. The increase of ionizing radiation and cancer cases are related variables and therefore its necessary to talk openly about increasing radiation in the environment, in food, air and water supply and its impact in global health.


Radioactive plume increases ionizing radiation in the environment, and this radiation can be measured. It is a disruptive force for the health sector and therefore for all the economy and society.


The radioactive plume and increased ionizing radiation is globally distributed by the hydrologic cycle and atmospheric events. The globalization of food products and supply chains also helps in the more or less even distribution of risk factors. Everyone becomes a participant of the inverse lottery, everyone has a ticket of exposure to radioactive plume.


Every health information system requieres personalized attention, but when exposure to ionizing radiation becomes an increased sharing factor, beta calculations can be made with global averages just with age of birth and gender information. The inverse lottery provoked by the global radioactive plume allows to generate calculator models that can project exposure to this single variable.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 out of 4 Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. We face an unprecedented medical challenge, and anticipation and important health information is key for building resilience.

Cancer Query offers a free service for cancer consultation and asks for financial support to launch Cancer Query Beta III or Cancer Query´s most complete and advanced, real data, geographical exposure app service.

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